PM Job Search Strategy: Rough Notes

Hey, it’s Clement! I’ve pulled together some rough bullet points based on 15+ PM job search coaching sessions that I’ve run, and dozens of other convos I’ve had with both PM candidates & hiring managers.

I wanted to make an easy-to-read guide with beautiful visuals and comprehensive deep dives, but I just haven’t had the time. I’ve been slammed with a bunch of coaching calls (hence the 8+ month waitlist for coaching)... so I figured I should something quick rather than ship something perfect, and I reduced the price accordingly.

Here's a quick screenshot for approx. ~5% of the content, the full set of rough notes is about 7 pages long:

I hope these rough notes on PM job searches provide you with valuable and actionable insight.

Best of luck and don’t hesitate to reach out, I'm rooting for you!